Episode 8 – My Safe Place is “I’m a Girl.”


Our guest today is Carie Jordan. She is a transgender woman who is in the technical support industry. You can contact her on Facebook at Carie Lynn Jordan. You can donate to Carie Lynn’s Place at Expressions Community Center OKC and indicate it is for Carie Lynn’s Place.

What we’re drinking:

Amanda –

Callie – Monkey Shoulder scotch. Amaretto, French Vanilla creamer and coffee.

Becky – Frei Brothers Merlot

Carie – Energy drinks


Callie – Lord Have Mercy podcast with Crystal Cheatham

Amanda – House of Cards

Becky – Junction Coffee House, Science Vs podcast

Twitter Hashtag – #nakedunderabush

Cultural Segment -“The Empty Tomb” by Tania Runyan as found in Fierce  by Alice Connor

Ask a Scienterd – “Evolution Primer” by Christopher Ballew


For Popular Reading:

Darwin’s Century–Loren Eisely

Evolution: The Remarkable History of a Scientific Theory--Edward Larson

Your Inner Fish—Neil Shubin

Darwin’s Ghosts by Rebecca Stott

Dogs:  A Natural History—Jake Page (R)

The Genius of Dogs:  How Dogs Are Smarter Than You Think—Brian Hare and Vanessa Woods (has valuable sections on dog evolution)

Dogs: A New Understanding of Canine Origin, Behavior and Evolution–Lorna and Raymond Coppinger

Zoobiquity–Barbara Natterson-Horowitz and Kathryn Bowers

For More Technical and/or Historical Interest:

On the Origin of Species–Charles Darwin

Descent of Man; and Selection According to Sex–Charles Darwin

The Expressions and Emotions of Man and Animals–Charles Darwin

An Essay on the Principle of Population – Thomas Malthus

Origins of Mendelianism 2nd ed—Robert Olby

Natural Theology by William Paley

Evolution: The Modern Synthesis–Julian Huxley

On the Intersection of Evolution and Religion

Natural Science and Religion–Asa Gray

The Blind Watchmaker–Richard Dawkins (even for a popular book, it is kind of heavy reading; also mostly an apologetic work for evolution)

The Language of God–Francis Collins

Dawkins’ God–Alister McGrath (he has better works, but they tend to be more in depth; he is a former atheist and is a bit of a paper-chaser in terms of degrees, has both a PhD in Biophysics and a ThD in Theology)

Saving Darwin–Karl Giberson


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