Episode 16 – “Free Milk: Sex Talk with Barb and Mindy”

Callie is joined by Barb and Mindy, two of our sister Terds from the Pasterds Pub. In this our first episode in our intermittent purity culture series, the ladies talk about their experiences with purity culture growing up and how they are raising their kids to have a healthy relationship with sex.

What we’re drinking:

Mindy – Anthem Brewing Golden One

Barb – Water in a Broncos cup

Callie – Sex on the Beach

Fangirl/Guilty Pleasure:

Mindy – JonBenet Ramsey case

Callie – True Crime podcasts

Barb – The Handmaid’s Tale

Twitter Hashtag – #LoosieGoosieMom

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Mindy – @wolfburgerbros


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