Episode 21 “Get Over Ourselves” with Michael Munckton












Our plans for this episode changed abruptly when the verdict in the case of the manslaughter of Philando Castile was announced on Friday. We spoke with our Terd Bro (a member of the Pasterds Pub) Michael Munckton about his reaction to the shooting of Philando Castile and the verdict and his experience as a black man in the US. You can connect with Michael in the Pasterds Pub by becoming a Patreon supporter.

Special thanks to Andy Moore for editing this episode for us! You are an audio wizard!


What we’re drinking:

Amanda – Green Tea with Agave, Water

Becky – English Breakfast Tea with Thyme Honey



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Theology Live podcast

Latino USA podcast

SURJ – Showing Up For Racial Justice



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