Episode 22 – “Natural Pitbull Charisma” with Christopher Ballew


Today Amanda and Becky are joined by special guest host Christopher Ballew, Amanda’s husband, about how animal welfare is related to social justice. Christopher is a Veterinary student at Iowa State University and he can be found on Twitter @BearNamedBallew and in the Pasterds Pub.


What we’re drinking:

Amanda – Mure Pepino (Blackberry Cucumber) LaCroix

Christopher – Evil Twin Brewing Even More Jesus

Becky – Ginger Ale and Deep Eddy Lemon Vodka



Amanda – Pod Save the People podcast

Christopher – Low budget horror movies on Netflix, Pit Bull by Bronwen Dickey, S-Town podcast

Becky – What is the Bible? by Rob Bell, Friends who have an extra bed for you


Cultural Input: “The Revenant” by Billy Collins


Hashtag: #FemmeDomIndustry


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