Episode 27 – “All The Single Ladies” w/Brandi, Haley, and Megan

Single Ladies

Our intermittent series on purity culture continues today with Becky’s chat with three other never-married ladies from the Pasterds Pub.  We talk about how we grew up, what purity culture messages we received, and how it’s still affecting us today.

You can connect with the ladies on Twitter:

Brandi: @fruitsnack1983

Haley: @halesnoelle

Megan: @megan_jessop


What we’re drinking:

Brandi – Dark Roast Coffee

Haley – Barry’s Gold Blend tea

Megan – Water

Becky – Black Coffee


Fangirl/Guilty Pleasure:

Brandi – Emery Concert

Haley – Playing House on USA

Megan – Harry Potter series

Becky – (Anti-Fangirling) John McCain getting called hero for voting against “Skinny Repeal” of the ACA


Twitter Hashtag – #MomDisclaimer or #BeAGrownAssAdult


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