Episode 28 – “Beautiful Women with Double Chins” with guest hosts Jenn and Diannaha

Episode 28 Pic

Today Becky and guest hosts Jennifer Flynn-McCormick and Diannaha Thompson talk about body shaming, body positivity, and the frustrating design of women’s clothing. You can connect with both ladies in the Pasterds Pub or on Twitter, Diannaha: @mamadi82 Jenn: @polleynamedjenn

What we’re drinking:

Jenn – Cayman Reef Coffee Liquer

Diannaha – Vodka with Cucumber Melon sparkling water

Becky – New Holland Brewing Dragon’s Milk


Fangirl/Guilty Pleasure:

Jenn – This Is Us

Diannaha – Daughter home with her after extended stay with her (daughter’s) father

Becky – Queen of Katwe and Jared Pechacek (@vandroidhelsing) Twitter thread


Mr Man Dr Who


Ask a Scienterd – Randy Bennett answers Bryan Odeen’s question, “Are shifting gender roles bad for marriage?”


Twitter Hashtag – #ISayWe


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