Who are the Sisterds?

Callie is a wife, mom callie-croppedand searcher for truth. She lives in Colorado. She has three children and has been married to her saint of a husband for 12 years. Her deconstruction journey has been a slow burn over many years that recently reached the powder keg that is organized religion. After that mind blowing realization, she went on a podcast binge that brought her to the pub and eventually to being a Twisted Sisterd.

20161116_152651Becky is a sister, aunt, and Oxford comma apologist. She still claims Seattle as her hometown but she has been an Okie for all but two months of her adult life. As an Enneagram Type 5w6, she doesn’t commit to anything without thorough analysis and worst case scenario hypothesizing. She loves to travel and has been to 31 States and 9 Countries; only 19 States and 100+ Countries to go. She has an obsession with pulling weeds but don’t ask her to pull weeds in your yard, though she might weed your yard if you don’t ask her. The first seeds of her deconstruction were sown in college as she was getting a degree in Biology. Over a decade later she was followed on Twitter by a podcast done by three Midwestern white guys and less than six months later she became a Twisted Sisterd. You can find her on Twitter at @beckyseville or on FB in The Pasterds Pub by becoming a patron here:  www.patreon.com/pasterdspodcast

AmandaAmanda is a writer, wife, oldest of 9 kids in a blended family, an Enneagram 4w5, and a cult-survivor. Amanda has been married to her husband Christopher since 2012, and (so far) they have three furry canine kids. She is a huge nerd, especially about anything Lord of the Rings related. Amanda is in the midst of what she calls her “Deconstruction 2.0”, her first deconstruction having taken place 10 years ago when she left the church-cult she grew up in. In her first deconstruction she took apart her understanding of what the Church is supposed to be, and put it back together as something that is supposed to be a community of people that truly care and look out for each other, regardless of whether they meet in a building once a week or not. Amanda searched for a community like this for a long time, eventually discovering the Liturgists Podcast, which is co-hosted by one half of her favorite band, Gungor. This introduced her to Science Mike, and eventually, to the Inglorious Pasterds Podcast as they interviewed him when his book was coming out. After listening to that episode, she went back to the beginning, binged all the episodes available, and joined the Pasterds Pub in the beginning of October 2016. In the Pasterds Pub, Amanda has finally found the community she’s been looking for for 10 years – and a safe place to explore all the questions she’s never felt brave enough to ask before. In the midst of this new deconstruction – a second “Unraveling” of her theological identity, Amanda is exploring these questions with Becky and Callie as the third Twisted Sisterd, and loving every minute of it. You can find Amanda on Twitter @polleynmdamanda, in the Pasterds Pub, or at her website – www.withinthediscord.com.