Episode 14 – Idolatrous Faith and the Ground of Being w/John-Marc Ormechea



Our guest today is John-Marc Ormechea. He is a spiritual refugee, Stoic-Tillichian-A/Theist, and okay with his doubt… and belief. Like Becky, he is an Enneagram 5, so sarcasm and deep thoughts abound. If you would like to hear more from John-Marc, he is a great follow on Twitter at @EpicTillich or you can email him at stepictetus@gmail.com

What we’re drinking:

Callie – Homemade Dirty Martini

Becky – Tallgrass Brewing Buffalo Sweat Oatmeal Cream Stout


Fangirl/Guilty Pleasure:

Callie – The Handmaid’s Tale on Hulu (Secrets, Crimes, and Audiotape series)

Becky – Artificial Womb


Twitter Hashtag – #ExtraDirtyMartini


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Episode 13 – Predestined to the Delta Quadrant w/Christian Janeway


Our guest today goes by “Christian Janeway” @XianJaneway on Twitter where she tweets anonymously about the effects of spiritual abuse and fundamentalism on Christian women. She is married to The Vulcan and is mother to four female Borg Children. Additionally, she blogs at iprefercaptain.com and can be emailed at xianjaneway@gmail.com

What we’re drinking:

Amanda – Ommegang Rare Vos Amber Ale

Callie – RUM and Coke

Becky – Chateau Ste Michelle 2015 Riesling

Carie –


Fangirl/Guilty Pleasure:

Callie – Neil deGrasse Tyson vs Ben Shapiro

Amanda – Garden/Permaculture

Becky – Evidence-based science/policy making and political marches


Ask a Scienterd – Callie’s question “GMOs: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly” by Becky Further reading: National Academy of Science report on Genetically Engineered Crops


Twitter Hashtag – #PretzelTwistPoleDanceOfLife


Cultural Segment – Callie “O My Love The Pretty Towns” by Kenneth Patchen


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Episode 12 – Renewal

Happy Easter! (Whatever that means to you.) Today we talk about our opinions of Easter, resurrection, and renewal post faith shift. We also read a Twitter thread by our friend John-Marc Ormechea @EpicTillich


What we’re drinking:

Amanda: Lucky Duck Cabernet Sauvignon

Callie: Vodka and cranberry in a Damsels mug from Pete Holmes

Becky: Rosemary IPA from Boulevard Brewing


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Episode 11 – The Next Good Thing w/Alice Connor


Our guest today is Rev. Alice Connor. Alice is an Episcopal priest and a chaplain on a college campus. She co-wrote an article for the Journal for the Study of the New Testament called “Mantic Mary? The Virgin Mother as Prophet in Luke 1:26-56 and the Early Church” as well as the new book Fierce. She is a certified enneagram teacher (and gives us a little advice based on our types) and a stellar pie-maker. She lives for challenging conversations and has a high tolerance for awkwardness. She lives in Cincinnati with her husband, two kids, a dog, and no cats. She can be found online at fierceasswomen.com, on her FB author page, and on Twitter at @pastoralice

Special guest host Huff (Jennifer Huffman) can be found in the Pasterds Pub and on Twitter @Jen_Huffman170

What we’re drinking:

Amanda: Wake Up Iowa Coffee Stout by Backpocket Brewing

Huff: Diet 7-Up

Becky: Cabernet Sauvignon by The Naked Grape and Horny Toad Blonde by COOP Ale Works

Fangirling/Guilty Pleasures:

Huff: Uber and Rob Bell

Amanda: Dancing with the Stars

Becky: Enneagram and The Road Back to You

Ask a Scienterd: “Is physical contact an illusion if you look on a small enough scale?” asked by Eric Flynn-McCormick, answered by Becky Seville


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Cultural Input: Excerpt from “Eve” chapter of Fierce by Alice Connor





Episode 10 -From the Church to the Pride Parade w/Sara Cunningham

Pride Parade Sara

Our guest today is Sara Cunningham. When her son came out as gay at the age of 21, she had to figure out how to accept him. She now is an LGBTQ advocate in Oklahoma City and she wrote about her journey “from the church to the Pride Parade” in her book How We Sleep At Night: A Mother’s Memoir. Sara will be traveling from OKC to the Stonewall Inn in NYC with Laura Beth Taylor and Corie Savary on the Free Mom Hugs Tour 2017 at the beginning of May. They have a gofundme site set up for donations.

What we’re drinking:

Becky: A modified “Kentucky Mule” – David Nicholson 1843 Bourbon, lime, ginger ale

Callie: Water in a superhero mug

Amanda: Shock Top Ginger Wheat Beer


Becky: IRL Meetups

Callie: Hidden Figures

Amanda: The Chicago Cubs and MLB Baseball season opener tonight


From Brad Polley (@polleynamedbrad): “Can you talk about how feminism does not equal man-hating? I think a lot of guys need to hear it!”











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Cultural Input:

Quotation from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by JK Rowling





Episode 9 – Believers of All Stripes w/Crystal Cheatham


Our guest today is Crystal Cheatham. She is host of the Lord Have Mercy podcast and creator of Our Bible App – Devotionals for the Rest of Us. You can find her at crystalcheatham.com and on Twitter at @crystalcheatham

What we’re drinking:

Amanda – Coffee & Coop Ale Works Elevator Wheat

Callie – Water

Becky – Ace Pineapple Cider


Callie – Beauty and the Beast and Dan Stevens and Logan

Amanda – Beauty and the Beast (not effing Stockholm Syndrome!!!)

Becky – Richard Rohr at The Two Windows Project and Twitter


IRL Meetup with Becky in OKC on Tuesday, March 28

Ask a Scienterd – “Is My Child Normal or Displaying Mental Health Issues” by Erin Reagan

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Twitter Hashtag – #NakedCaveTour

Cultural Segment -“Japan” by Billy Collins

Episode 8 – My Safe Place is “I’m a Girl.”


Our guest today is Carie Jordan. She is a transgender woman who is in the technical support industry. You can contact her on Facebook at Carie Lynn Jordan. You can donate to Carie Lynn’s Place at Expressions Community Center OKC and indicate it is for Carie Lynn’s Place.

What we’re drinking:

Amanda –

Callie – Monkey Shoulder scotch. Amaretto, French Vanilla creamer and coffee.

Becky – Frei Brothers Merlot

Carie – Energy drinks


Callie – Lord Have Mercy podcast with Crystal Cheatham

Amanda – House of Cards

Becky – Junction Coffee House, Science Vs podcast

Twitter Hashtag – #nakedunderabush

Cultural Segment -“The Empty Tomb” by Tania Runyan as found in Fierce  by Alice Connor

Ask a Scienterd – “Evolution Primer” by Christopher Ballew


For Popular Reading:

Darwin’s Century–Loren Eisely

Evolution: The Remarkable History of a Scientific Theory--Edward Larson

Your Inner Fish—Neil Shubin

Darwin’s Ghosts by Rebecca Stott

Dogs:  A Natural History—Jake Page (R)

The Genius of Dogs:  How Dogs Are Smarter Than You Think—Brian Hare and Vanessa Woods (has valuable sections on dog evolution)

Dogs: A New Understanding of Canine Origin, Behavior and Evolution–Lorna and Raymond Coppinger

Zoobiquity–Barbara Natterson-Horowitz and Kathryn Bowers

For More Technical and/or Historical Interest:

On the Origin of Species–Charles Darwin

Descent of Man; and Selection According to Sex–Charles Darwin

The Expressions and Emotions of Man and Animals–Charles Darwin

An Essay on the Principle of Population – Thomas Malthus

Origins of Mendelianism 2nd ed—Robert Olby

Natural Theology by William Paley

Evolution: The Modern Synthesis–Julian Huxley

On the Intersection of Evolution and Religion

Natural Science and Religion–Asa Gray

The Blind Watchmaker–Richard Dawkins (even for a popular book, it is kind of heavy reading; also mostly an apologetic work for evolution)

The Language of God–Francis Collins

Dawkins’ God–Alister McGrath (he has better works, but they tend to be more in depth; he is a former atheist and is a bit of a paper-chaser in terms of degrees, has both a PhD in Biophysics and a ThD in Theology)

Saving Darwin–Karl Giberson